We surrender, Medium.

A Google search for our company returns — front page — an awfully written deconstruction of Fusion, and its “red flags”.

Hope you’re not waiting by the phone for your Pulitzer, Lebovsky.

Not of us, FusionICO, Amazix’ only partner in Asia. But of Fusion, a project that is struggling right along with everyone else in this summer of crypto’s discontent.

We can no longer fight, because this is not a war of attrition.

It’s a war of attention.

Our third prospect in as many weeks just notified they have serious doubts about our agency, after a “background check” on Google turned up an article about our purported “red flags”.

This is the state of standard due diligence nowadays, people. Scanning a link title.

Heaven forfend said prospects take the time to click the link and peruse long enough to see that the article couldn’t be about our organization at all!

No, we’re not asking for a click and peek. We know how busy everyone is. Now maybe if the link were to a cheeky gif, perhaps we could be so bold.

But no, we’re just asking intrepid projects doing their agency vetting to read the metatag

“Project”- that Fusion is the project Fusion, folks! We’re not a project!

Who the heck are we?

We’re the people who increase your project’s value.

Our CEO, Parker Fairfield, has been building and promoting western companies in China since before it joined the WTO. He’s also been evangelizing for the blockchain industry, investing in and raising for startups, since Vitalik wore short pants.

We’ve got an international team on the ground in China, Korea, and Japan providing all the services you’d do yourself, if you had the resources and time to build a communications office in East Asia, only at a fraction of the price that would cost you.

We’ve also got an engaged investor network from whom we’ve raised close to 100,000 ETH.

And yes, we are happy to introduce you to them! You are ready to be scrutinized and interrogated by savvy investors, VC style, aren’t you?

Surely you’re not imagining that funds and whales here in East Asia are so behind-the-curve that you can still show up, enthusing about your vision and tech you plan to build, waving your white paper around, and go home with a few mil?

No, of course not.

You have early MVP tech in place, at the very least.

You have copious third party evidence on Chinese, Korean, and Japanese sites that your project is meeting its goals, and is viable for the long term, especially given your growing community.


Good. Then you’re ready to meet our investors.

If not, we’ve got you covered. Our concept of fusion has to do with the harmonious but powerful blending of two matched entities that results in a release of high-potential energy.

We’re here to synch up with you and your project, and create the kind of fecund energy that drives your project’s value, in East Asia and beyond.

Just remember: we’re not a project, a TV channel, nor even a Ford Sedan.

We’re FusionICO, as known and endorsed by Amazix, and the many blockchain startups we’ve helped succeed.